Once upon a time,..I began writing my first songs after graduating from college in the year 1989,.. It was during a summer vacation when in Europe. At the time I was looking for work as an Engineer and living with my girlfriend in Milan, Italy,… Inspired by an Italian singer/songwriter named Gianna Nannini. , I wrote 3 to 4 songs playing an imaginary piano that accompanied me while the invisible audience clapped to each magnificent performance.

In 1994   I traveled to Florence, Italy and formed what was to become the notorious rock band “Best Before:”,.. during this period we jammed to music like Green Day, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Nirvana and many more. Every morning I would write many pages of thoughts and occurrences until lyrics would come to mind, later these lyrics where constructed into the songs that eventually  became our original during live concerts and gigs. I recorded three projects during this period, 1994-2001, with different musicians and each in very different genres and styles,.. life was amazing for me ,.. fun, wild and so mentally free.

Since my days as a rocker and being the front man singer for a few more bands and shows, I have had the privileged to work with fantastic musicians around the globe, creating totally original musical productions, each of them individual on their own behalf. This creative process has been going on for more than 17 years, filing up my personal treasure chest with music and memories, ready to be shared with the world some day in the immediate future.

Today, with the creation of internet, youtube, myspace and others,  artist have been blessed to have a stage to showcase their talents and accomplishments, on a “come see and hear what you like” bases,… the computer has changed the way the business of artistic expression is marketed and acquired, compared to years in the past.  Global social networks and platforms have expanded our minds, our goals, and our fraternal human bonds as creatives.  Personally, I dream that we continue on a path of insight and collaboration, so that creative individual may always have the opportunity to entertain as many people as possible for a better world and the children of tomorrow.

It has been been a long and wealthy road of experiences and creativity, a path that at times has been mean-fully difficult,  always challenging and forever amusing,… these are a few of my projects, custom made far everyone to enjoy.