The Time is Now !!! After the success of the Latest Music Video “Sabor a Ti”, from the 2001 Renascence CD, the administration at You Tube World has offered to promote advertising next to “Armando Rene” Videos on their platform. As a result , the Starvart Marketing Team have found new venues, and expanded the number of relative social media locations as to where to showcase our favorite videos. “Its a give and take situation where everyone comes out ahead,… slowly but surely the Independent Working Artists have become more aware of the fact, that advertisers need new platforms and exciting visual that attract many “Hits” from viewers”.

As a result “Rene” has taken a sober approach toward writing the next screen plays  for his upcoming spring video productions,… to be scheduled for the month of April. “We need to accomplish a visual that not only tells a story, but one that people will want to view over and over again, friendly enough to be shared with the masses around the world of Internet,… obviously accompanied by a catchy popular melody that can entrance all viewers to want more “.

As time passes by and the world of internet begins to unfold toward its main clients, the viewer and users that make surfing the web so popular.., Authorship of projects has become the next big issue for all signed and independent artist,.. where, “owning the copyright to the songs and the visuals”, has become the absolute norm when formulating projects and/or productions.  “Its about time that we can be compensated for our efforts to entertain the masses, as well as maintain a level of scrutiny towards our involvement concerning the spreading of the wealth that can be generated on the web”. Times have changed for the good of the creatives. “I’m happy for all creatives., we have been holding strong for years , giving out our work for free many times just to be noticed, in a world where “Payola and Having Connections” still rule many of our industry standards for achievement”. The Time Is Now, “its our turn to be recognized and compensated for our efforts in the arts,.. rules will change in this new cyber world, but it looks like the companies are giving credit where credit is needed, and that is great news for all of us”. Creativity is fed by acceptance, applause and surely compensation, a world that is entertained is a world worth living in,… thank goodness our four-fathers foreseen the future, creating a today where Author Rights exist and  are respected throughout the word with honor and respect”.

By Armando Rene Monteagudo

Copyright November 28, 2012  Armando Rene Monteagudo Betances