Production / Song Writing / Live Performances  / Video Recording Film Direction / Event Coordinator  / Executive Productions

Armando Rene Monteagudo, Owner and Founder of Starvat Productions, has written a large variety  of   musical compilations,… created and conducted  the story plots, screenplays and direction of over 30 independent music videos,… managed, developed and preformed in numerous concert events throughout  Europe, the Caribbean and South America,… and served as the creative curator / talent scout for wonderful art exhibition ceremonies around the globe. Currently Residing in Houston, Texas and accepting projects for the following fiscal year.



Recording Studios available in;  Mexico,  United States,   Italy,  Puerto Rico and Brazil                                             

With the collaboration of talented international musicians , Armando Rene, native of  Mayaquez, Puerto Rico, has created a total of 14 Independent / self-  produced music compilations  of excellent taste and global appeal.  Productions range from Rock, Funk, Reggae, Ballads, Samba, Salsa, Cumbia , Pop and World,.. combining  arrangement mixes  between South America , Europe an the United Sates.



Costume made lyrics created on a commission’s basis for all genres of music. Song Licensing available upon request !!

As an adolescent, Rene discovered his writing capabilities at an early age, and heard his poems and stories transformed into songs with the help of his first guitar instructors.  Original lyrics and unique melodies stand out for their passion and human sentiment, with the main themes being love,  intimate relations, and world topics.  In English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese,  the topics to each song  intrigue, relate and give solutions to themes of social, futuristic and fraternal matter.  Costume made lyrics are also created on a commission’s basis for all genres of music. Owner of Approximately 250 copy writes and 120 songs self published.









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Considered by many as a natural on stage, establishing a vibrant connection with the audience while delivering a unique and universal message.. Notorious, emotive and charismatic front man recognized for winning Europe’s “Emergency Rock Competition 1995″ with Italian Rock Band “Best Before:” . World stage experiences range from live performance throughout the United States, Brazil, Europe (Italy and Germany), Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Past & Exiting Bands ;

“Best Before: “ – Florence, Italy /1995-2001,.. Rock, Grunge, Punk, Funk and Spanish Rock

“The Spanish Rock” – Italy and Germany -1998-2001,… Spanish Rock, Rock Ballads and Funk Rock

“Armando Rene & The Renascence” – Tuscany, Italy / 1999 – 2003,..  Contemporary Italian Classical Rock, Jazz, Inspirational and Latin Groove Rock Ballads

“Anthony Sydney and Armando Rene” – Fiesole, Italy – !999,… Italian Complementary Pop, Classic Guitars, New Age Rhythms

“Just Drifting” – Yucatan, Mexico / 2004-2006,… Hard, Reggie, Swing, Ballad Rock

“Band Do Brazil” -Southern Brazil – 2006 -20012,… Samba Salsa, Brazilian Pop, Ballads, Americana and South American / Latin Caribbean Mix



Visual Projects made on Work for Hire, Collaboration and Commission Bases  


Writer / Director of  self- produced Music Video Catalog and Live Show DVD’S Performances in 5 diverse countries …  Duties include: Executive Production, Production Engineering, Actor Casting, Screen Play Formulation, Editing Supervision and Project Finalization .  Can travel the world, American passport,… Specializing in Documentaries and Music Videos for all genres.  Main visual filming  locations: Houston, Texas,.. Puerto Rico,… Southern Brazil, and Mexico. Script Writing for videos are done on commission basis, contract, work for hire.



By Contract Only, lead time 45 days minimum

Starvart Productions identifies and promotes Artistic Talent and their Products via exhibitions and World Class Events. Promising a leading role in Promoting and Managing  Artistic & Musical Festivals,.. talent scout for all painters, musicians, dancers, actors and photographer’s. Experienced in the Total Development of all aspects of event related Marketing Event Strategies including television, radio,  print and social media.


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Contact # – 001-713-533-9445 / 001-832-435-0274 U.S.A.